The world’s highest restaurant has opened its doors, located at a giddying height of over 400 metres above ground in the world’s tallest skyscraper.Over 400 balloons were released into the air to mark the opening of Atmosphere, located on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.The restaurant has a 180 degree view of the Dubai skyline, visible through floor-to-ceiling windows giving a floating sensation to those who choose to sit on the edge.

Atmosphere’s designer, Adam Tihany, said the interior was designed to take customers on a journey, like a “luxury yacht in the sky”.But designing a restaurant at such high altitude was not without its challenges.

“Some people were a bit apprehensive…would people be comfortable at that altitude, would it feel a little strange? So my desire was to create a very beautiful and almost a cave-like space that when you are up here, you feel safe, you feel elegant and luxurious, you feel sexy,” Tihany said.

Meanwhile, the executive chef at Atmosphere, Dwayne Cheer, said the menu was not fine dining, as might be expected of a restaurant that shares the same building as the Armani hotel and luxury residence of Burj Khalifa, but said it was “simple food done well”.

The average price for a starter at Atmosphere is around $50 while a main course will set guests back more than $90.


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