Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity said the US has every right to take Iraqi and Kuwaiti oil.

Following a significant hike in oil prices, an angry Fox News host has exclaimed that the United States has every right to take the oil from Iraq and Kuwait.On his Friday show, the Great American Panel, Sean Hannity, said that
Iraq and Kuwait should “pay for their own liberation” by the United States.

“I say why isn’t Iraq paying us back with oil, and paying every American family and their soldiers that lost loved ones or have injured soldiers  and why didn’t they pay for their own liberation?” Hannity asked.He added that the United States has every right to go into Kuwait and Iraq and “take all their oil.”Hannity’s controversial comments follow a recent hike in global oil prices and a continuing financial crisis in the US.However, responding to Hannity’s remarks, political and military analyst Michael Burns said that the United States “may go bankrupt” even before it leaves oil-rich Iraq and Kuwait.

“We are occupying those countries. We are there for the long term and … we are not going anywhere. But I guarantee that we’ll go bankrupt before leaving those countries. That’s for sure,” Burns told Press TV on Tuesday.In 1991, the US military drove Iraqi troops out of Kuwait after executed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein invaded the country and annexed it to Iraq.

Twelve years later, US troops invaded the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and toppled Saddam to bring what they called liberation” and “democracy” to the Arab nation.This is while, since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, more than
1,300,000 Iraqi civilians are estimated to have been killed and some 4.7 million Iraqis have been displaced.
The devastating war has also left 4,435 US troops dead and more than 31,827 others injured.



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