I still can’t believe what I saw yesterday morning in Japan . I’m still under the shock of the devastating earthquake followed by the huge tsunami that hit the Japanese. I can’t comment more, God’s will is stronger than anyone. I just pray for the people there to be more patient and accept things as they are.

It seems 2012 is the end of the world, who knows?

Comments on: "Japan under nature’s mercy…" (2)

  1. It is sad what happened in Japan, but it was not the first. Not every nation keeps records of its past or discloses them. What scientist say about 2012, if true it will not be the end of the world but we as humans have to survive the calamities and help others survive.

  2. but seeing this havoc, i am pretty sure and scared about the affair of 2012 destruction…..!!!! Now its all in nature’s hand, she wants us to survive or…….THE END….!!!!

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