Due to the financial conditions and situation happening in the region, Wataniya Airways has ceased it’s operations. Below is a message from the board members.

Statement from the Board of Wataniya Airways


The Board of Wataniya Airways met today to discuss the company’s financial condition and options for the company going forward. As a result, the Board has decided to call a meeting of the company’s shareholders as soon as possible to discuss the future course of the company.

In the meantime, given the current financial situation of the company and the lack of fair trade requirements in the local market, as well as the difficult political and security situation in the region, the Board has decided to cease all Wataniya Airways operations with the return of its last scheduled flight to Kuwait tonight, March 16th 2011.

The Board of Wataniya Airways apologises unreservedly to all parties for the inconvenience and disruption this will cause.

Those guests with flights booked after March 16th 2011, will need to make alternative travel arrangements. Guests should contact Wataniya Airways to register their claims for the loss of their Wataniya Airways flight or holiday on claims@wataniyaairways.com, or by mail to:

Wataniya Airways Claims
P.O.Box 3355
Safat 13036
State of Kuwait


Comments on: "No more Wataniya Airways…" (1)

  1. salma Al-Naquib said:

    لدى تذكرة ذهاب وعودة كويت قاهرة كويت بتاريخ 16-6 والعودة 1-9 رقم الحجز EQSJAA
    برجاء تحويل التذكرة على اى طيران اخر الى القاهرة بنفس الموعد او العودة 3-9 او افادتى بما يجب ان اقوم بة ومصير رسوم التذكرة نظرا لضيق الوقت وعدم توفر تذاكر فى هذا الموعد على شركات الطيران الاخرى الرجاء سرعة الرد

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