What a nightmare…

It was a nightmare for me last night, I decided to go around 5 pm to Souk Al Mubarkiyah with my mother to check some stuff. And then I start getting broadcasts on my bb that a storm is approaching Kuwait. At first I didn’t take it serious since everyone was out and people didn’t seem to bother. However looking at the sky and seeing  a huge monster of dust coming triggered my attention. It was only minutes when the storm hit the city and by then we were in the car heading home. Coming back home was the most nervous situation I’ve passed through in my life. No visibility at all, wind was hitting on us hard and mom was panicing. It was a terror for us! Finally we reached home to find out that I felt the windows open in my appartment. The first instance was OMG what did I do…the whole house was orange in color. Dust was everywhere…then we had to stay like 3 hours cleaning the house till we could settle.

Thanks God for everything.

Our prayers always goes with those who’ve been hit with Tsumanis, Earthquakes or Volcanoes…we are still living in a safe place.

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