RW2011…My Opinion!

Now the wedding is over and everyone is back to normal , I was very excited to watch it especially that William is the son of Lady Diana and not because he’s the british prince. Yesterday, girls were so jealous wishing to be in Kate’s place and they were regretting their luck. Well girls, one thing regardless if they’re royals they married based on love. So, you will be much happier if you married a guy who’s modest but has a heart to give you than marrying a rich guy who’s heart is dead!

On the other hand , so many people were mocking our weddings and I mean here by our traditional arabian weddings. Well if you’re talking in terms of money I just want to remind you that Prince Waleed Bin Talal daughter wedding cost more than 20 MILLION DOLLARS and it was the most lavish wedding in history. I agree that the English Royal wedding was sophisticated, simple, elegant and well organized. This is how it’s suppose to be and not only for them but for all ruling families.

Just don’t forget were you come from, we are ” ARABS ” who made history and civilization ! We existed before anyone and without us  ” oil countries ” so many other countries would diminish from existence.

Yes we love our noisy weddings , we love dancing , we love giving from our hearts.

I am proud of being an Arab and a Lebanese too…and so you must be!


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