Another Royal Wedding…

When Prince Albert first began squiring Zimbabwe-born Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock around the principality people were intrigued. After all, some of the most dazzling women in the world have fallen at his feet.

Glamazons such as Naomi Campbell  and Claudia Schiffer were among those who had succumbed to his charms in the past.

Throw into the mix that the heir to the fascinating Grimaldi legacy is also, say those who meet him, magnetic, big-hearted and athletic, having competed in five Olympics with his bobsled team.

Yes Prince of Monaco will get wed on the 2nd of July and the wedding will be a three day celebrations open to the people. Also the famous car dealership LEXUS had unveiled a special edition for the wedding. A unique Lexus full hybrid LS 600h L Landaulet featuring a one-piece, transparent polycarbonate roof will serve as the official Royal Wedding car on the occasion of the marriage.

We’ll be waiting for that day indeed!

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