It’s a MAN’s World…

Shurooq Amin , a Kuwaiti artist, a lady who is full of passion for Arts and anything that has beauty , will be hosting an exhibition under the name “It’s a man’s World ” . Shurooq is a brilliant and talented artist that proved over the years that she can touch the hearts of people through her paintings. Her previous work maintained a special placed for her between international artists where she was able to invade major cities presenting her art work.

In her exhibition “It’s a Man’s World” she interrogates many issues and explores the part of society that had been previously untouchable and non-debatable for its moral and social integrity, focusing on the Man, his habits, his lifestyle and his dreams. It is concurrently an unveiling of man’s hypocrisy as well as a celebration of man and life.

The gallery will take place in Salhiya Complex on March 5th till April 1,2012 from Sun-Thu 10-3 and 5-9 at the Mezzanine Floor , AL M Gallery.

So for all art lovers be there!


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