I passed by Marina Mall the two days ago to notice that they are hosting a World Guinness Record competition where many people participated.The crowd was huge and press were everywhere. Apparently,Kuwait witnessed the registration of 17 new world records in 6 contests on Day 1 of the Guinness World Record Book. The event is being organized by Al-Badraniya Co of Kuwait over 3 days. The event is being supervised by a team of Guinness World Record arbitrators, and is sponsored by a number of local, regional and international companies.
Andre Banvi, Record Manager of Guinness World Record, in a press release Friday, announced that Day 1 contests ran on Thursday over 8 continuous hours, from 2 pm to 10 pm. New records were broken in all contests, where the public were allowed to participate.
“Kuwait witnesses new records in 6 areas: 1. Fastest building of tower of 20 Arabian coffee cups. 2. Highest coin tower built in one minute. The largest number of banknotes counted in 30 seconds. 4. Fastest time to eat a cake. 5. Largest number of shirts worn in one minute. 6. Fastest time to write an sms on mobile in English.


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