Is this pornography?

It’s a man’s world, yes it’s a man’s world in a place that has no room for freedom of speech. Shurooq Amin, a talented Kuwaiti artist had her exhibition shutdown on Monday after couple of hours from the opening. Friends, art lovers, the whole public were waiting for this exhibition to explore the talent of Shurooq and her believes. However, the joy of her fans didn’t last long because of some ignorant people reporting her exhibition to the police rated as “pornographic” . Unfortunately, the place was shut down till further notice. All I can say is that , Shurooq didn’t fail, on the contrary she proved her presence as a prominent figure trying to change the society to the better. When there’s a will there’s a way…

To all my readers, can you spot the pornography in this pic? Is love and appreciation being classified as porn lately?



Comments on: "Is this pornography?" (6)

  1. that is not the picture they closed the art gallery for

    Just a fyi
    She banned photography in her gallery

    • well i didn’t attend the gallery due to my sickness, however I believe that art should be appreciated no matter what the content is! I’ve seen her artwork before and no how much people appreciate her in Kuwait and worldwide.

      • talking to couple artist friends and relatives , they all agree that she just put stuff that are just porn
        and that the poor gallery owner didn’t pick what to post and what not to like the other gallery owners

  2. I guess there are other stuff people should concentrate on other than shutting down exhibitions!

  3. I don’t know what the other paintings are like but judging on this one it’s obviously not pronography – but it paints the truth the resides in the society – people would rather turn a blind eye than admit the truth – as for what the couple did after this moment lol maybe thats where the pornography lies 😉

  4. maybe it’s because she’s blond – lol 😀

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