I am still in shock and overwhelmed with MDNA Tour. It was like a dream come true for me after waiting all these years to see Madonna in a concert. I knew it was going to happen one day but in the Middle East and in a GCC country in particular was just a shock by itself. Early preparations was done this year to get ready for the concert, I did customized t-shirts, booked my golden circle tickets , memorized the whole MDNA album. I was just waiting for the moment to come. Thanks to my BFF Noor for suggesting to spend two nights in Dubai then we head together to Abu Dhabi. This was the best idea and literally I had the best two days in my life with beautiful people. However my anticipation was growing more, and couldn’t wait for June 3 to come. I was planning to go earlier to the venue but unfortunately I arrived around 7:20 to find a long queue awaiting me at the VIP members gate. But it was written for me not to wait Thanks GOD for having Moey and Ekova my friends who spotted me waiting so they took me way to the front of the queue where they were standing. Doors opened at 7:30pm and everyone was rushing to find a place near the stage. The best thing about the concert that it united people from all the world,different races and religions. Yes Madonna really unites people and it’s all about the music and love for the Queen herself. People were so friendly,sociable and they were excited for the concert. Once we entered, I had press approaching me to take pictures of us, which I didn’t mind. It was fun posing to the camera especially that my customized shirt was the one and only unique shirt in the concert. Many people approached me to ask where I bought it from, or if I drew it by myself. LOL this made me super happy!

I was able to sneak my way through the crowd and stood nearly the 3rd row in front of the stage. It was so humid and hot that water was dripping from head to toe. But I didn’t care because I know that waiting was worth it! Benni Benassi was the opening scene of the concert, the crowd was on fire and everyone were dancing and enjoying their time for an hour or more. Then time was over for Benni and the big big show was about to begin.

MJ songs were playing all the time between the break period before Madonna appeared on stage which was really a nice thing. We all missed MJ! Suddenly, a huge lamp,lantern, or bell whatever you call it was suspended down to the stage and everyone was screaming as a note that the show will begin. We actually waited around 40 mins before the show began. Then this bell was glowing, and music started to play in the background as if it was a church choir. Later on, monks appeared on stage wearing red garments and they started to pull the ropes down as the bell was swaying. The sound became louder and louder, they were mentioning Madonna name in the choir with a deep voice. Suddenly Madonna voice came out saying OMG OMG, and the audience were just nuts screaming including me! With a big blast on stage, the silhouette of the Queen appeared coming from above as if from heaven. At this moment, I couldn’t control my self, I was screaming on top of my voice, I just couldn’t express how happy I was, everyone around me went hysterical when the Queen finally appeared on stage with the Monks who were dancing in high heels. Madonna opened the concert with “Girls Gone Wild” and it was just WOW! I could see the interaction of the crowd dancing and singing. It was mind blowing!

Below is a video showing the opening.

Everything was just build in perfectly to support the Queen, the stage was amazing, with all the visual effects that really made us go crazy. Not to mention also the dancers that really put on a show, also the acrobats during the break period who never made us bored. The whole show was breath taking! The next performance was Gang Bang which was a bit violent but the visuals was wow! Madonna was going wild on stage!

The whole show keeps you eager to know whats coming more, I enjoyed every piece of it! She sang most of her new album, and a lot of oldies like: open your heart,like a virgin, express yourself,vogue, like a prayer..and some from her newer albums like revolver, hung up, celebration.

In express yourself performance, she included Born this way for Gaga where Madonna mentioned in the second verse of the song respect yourself instead of express yourself and this was a clear message for Gaga! Then she included her song she’s not me and will never be! Yes, no matter how bad the level of Music or lyrics that Madonna sings which is totally different from her oldies, no one will be like Madonna because she has it all. And the Queen of POP is a phenomena! There’s no comparison ever to be made, Madonna lead the way and others followed her!

I will leave you with couple of videos to enjoy…I was just taken by the whole show, I was living a dream, after what I saw , yes there’s NO OTHER QUEEN OF POP IN HISTORY OTHER THAN MADONNA. The ending of the show was spectacular, it was so vibrant with colors, dancers were energetic, everyone was just dancing. The lovely part of the whole show when MADONNA’s son ROCCO came on stage and he was cheering the crowd with his mom. For those who missed AD show, Madonna is still on tour visiting 84 countries. The Queen is currently in Italy now! Make your bookings and hurry up for the next show! VIVA MADONNA ❤

Special thanks to Noor, Sarah, Sherine,Adam and Hussein who really made my trip worth it!


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