Well I’m Mazen known as Maze to many bloggers…:P I’ve met so many interesting people that really inspired my life…even bloggers too. At first I didn’t like the idea of blogging but then I got so addicted to it esp when I knew that many people do read my blog and it’s becoming famous…well that’s too much about me now…:P


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  1. Denis Eugene Arackal said:

    hmm…my wishes Maze. May you be more famous. 🙂

  2. did you not like my comment 2012

  3. yaki-CHAN said:

    I love reading your blog

    All the BEST 🙂

  4. Mansha said:

    We are writing this email to you to bring to your notice a highly creative project that we achieved for IKEA, Kuwait. We have observed that your blog has a very rich collection of important, amusing and informative posts. We would love our project to be featured in a site as popular as yours. The following is a brief description of the project and its concept –

    In the month of April this year, IKEA, Kuwait’s first ‘Super Brand’ celebrated its twenty fifth anniversary. The celebration consisted of a plethora of events organized over a span of 25 days; the culmination of which was a grand celebration on the 24th of April.Creativity has always been IKEA’s unique selling point, and this occasion was to be no exception.

    We are The Eth, a team of two young, talented and smart individuals who both have media and art-based backgrounds and an ever-burning passion for creativity. With an eye for beauty in design, and sturdy resources, we feel like the sky is our limit! When we learned of IKEA’s 25th celebration our mind started to bubble over with ideas of how we would love to contribute to the celebration.

    We approached the Marketing Manager, Mr. Waqar Bhutta with an idea of building a mural designed exquisitely for IKEA and decided to make it out of IKEA’s damaged and waste products. Since the core idea in building the mural was redesigning waste material into something significant and beautiful; we decided to follow a “Junk Art” theme. We set about making the mural with the support of our diversified, artistic and technically brilliant team and the backing of Midnite Hooters.

    However, a glorious occasion of this kind needs a fitting commemoration!

    Therefore we decided to pay tribute to IKEA’s journey in Kuwait by designing 25 important iconic symbols from its history here. 25 pieces were crafted using the waste, to depict a story of how IKEA started from Sweden and traveled into Kuwait and into the hearts of its people. But this mural needed to be unique and special – as special as the occasion it was to be displayed in. that’s when the idea of the optical illusion came to us.
    The mural was designed in a way that it appeared to be a normal exhibit of a set of elements supported on wooden stands; but as one walked 25 steps away from it the stands would overlap each other and a giant “25” would come into view!
    We are attaching a video making the above evident and a set of images showcasing this mural. We would really appreciate your co-operation in exposing the same.

    Thank you

  5. Please check out this video clip from DJ DWAIJ and DJ AZOOZ (Tarek Al-Duaij and Aziz Al-Dikan), it is a new techno song called “Kuwait.” We want everyone in Kuwait to know about it by National day (We wouldn’t mind making it world famous either!) Please have a look, give us your comments and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pass it on!!

    thanks and best regards,


  6. nice one .. alwyas I can smell ur funny soul between the lines

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