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Vacation Mode ON

It’s been a day in Lebanon and I feel so chilled and fresh. Despite the humidity and the country as a whole you can always enjoy the small things that this surviving country has. I recommend for those who haven’t visited Beirut yet then you must make sure it’s on your travel plan this year.  


The Cheesecake Factory…

Yesterday I had the chance to dine at cheesecake factory without waiting in the horrible queue . I decided to sit at the bar area although not all food was served there. However having a burger from them is always great! I tried their macaroni and cheese burger which was good. You can’t leave them without trying their cheesecake, so the recommendation fell on their ultimate red velvet cheesecake which was killing. It was so rich and heavy at the same time. I don’t know how many calories I ate but it was worth it. Moreover, their staff were amazing with their approach and customer service. Most of them are americans that they bring for a short period to support the restaurant in their launch.

I recommend everyone to try it but not during rush hours you can go for an early breakfast or lunch around 2pm.

Best fireworks show in the world…

Kuwait entered world Guinness book for the best firework show celebrating 50 years of constitution.

Gulf Bank TV commercial – Ramadan

This year RAMADAN TV Commercial by GULF BANK which emphasizes on the family gatherings prior to Iftar time.

Ramadan Kareem…

Happy Easter!

I’m Back…

I was in Beirut for a short visit and came back to Kuwait. In these 4 days my favorite hangout spot was Zaytouna Bay. Literally you can spend hours there without being bored. I loved it and would visit more often!