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Vacation Mode ON

It’s been a day in Lebanon and I feel so chilled and fresh. Despite the humidity and the country as a whole you can always enjoy the small things that this surviving country has. I recommend for those who haven’t visited Beirut yet then you must make sure it’s on your travel plan this year.  


Jo Malone Perfumery…

Fill your life with scent. British bespoke fragrances. For her. For him. For the home. Immaculately wrapped in our signature box. Create an individual statement. An understated style. Defined by an unconventional sense of sophistication. With taste that is rarefied, yet a touch audacious. Timeless and elegant…but always infused with a charming dash of wit and whimsy.

It is exactly these distinctly British qualities that are the heritage, and heart, of Jo Malone London. Since its inception in 1994 – when our founder created a handful of scents revolutionary in their discerning simplicity – Jo Malone London has become a name internationally synonymous with all that is most coveted in British style.

The Jo Malone™ Studio orchestrates a world of bespoke luxury that is inspired by, and immersed in, modern British culture, curating collaborations between world-renowned master perfumers and London’s leading creative talent, from Savile Row to Sloane Street. In working with the most forward-thinking style mavens Jo Malone London is enduringly at the forefront of perfumery.

I used to visit their store in Dubai and they always told me that there’s no opening soon in Kuwait. Finally they are present in the new phase of Avenues ” Grand Avenues”.

I bought the grapefruit scent and the black vetyver cafe , when sprayed together the smell turned out to be awesome which is a mix of strong and fresh smell.

She Wolf…David Guetta ft SIA

One of the best songs ever for this year…ENJOY!

Gulf Bank TV commercial – Ramadan

This year RAMADAN TV Commercial by GULF BANK which emphasizes on the family gatherings prior to Iftar time.

Timebomb by KYLIE…

Loved Kylie new single TIMEBOMB!

Madonna Tel Aviv Opening TOUR…

Astra with LOVE…

Tonight I went with friends to Astra Lounge since it’s very relaxing and chilling there.The best thing about Astra is simply the atmosphere, nothing more.The outdoor seating is not your typical restaurant seating but much more of a lounge, hence, the name I suppose. There is not much of a view, unless you call watching others a view, that is, when there are others to watch. The trendy lounge music enhances the atmosphere,also with the good food and service they have.
I recommend you guys to give it a try!