New Years 2016

 It’s been  a while away from blogging due to work and travel. My 2015 ended with an amazing short trip to Amsterdam a city of love , life and happiness. It’s a must visit for anyone who is seeking art, music, fun , any sort of entertainment. 

Back from Vacation…

Just back from the beautiful Island of Mykonos after a week of non-stop partying. Everything there makes you feel fresh and active, the weather, the water, the food, the friendly people and at last you are at a place where there is no judgement whatsoever. This is my 2nd time there and won’t be my last. 


Vacation Mode ON

It’s been a day in Lebanon and I feel so chilled and fresh. Despite the humidity and the country as a whole you can always enjoy the small things that this surviving country has. I recommend for those who haven’t visited Beirut yet then you must make sure it’s on your travel plan this year.  

عيدكم مبارك

كل عام و الكل بخير عسى الله يعيدها بالخير على الجميع 


Good Morning…

Cutest thing I saw…. 


The video is just awesome shows you how men fashion style changed in a century 👍🏻