New Years 2016

 It’s been  a while away from blogging due to work and travel. My 2015 ended with an amazing short trip to Amsterdam a city of love , life and happiness. It’s a must visit for anyone who is seeking art, music, fun , any sort of entertainment. 

Back from Vacation…

Just back from the beautiful Island of Mykonos after a week of non-stop partying. Everything there makes you feel fresh and active, the weather, the water, the food, the friendly people and at last you are at a place where there is no judgement whatsoever. This is my 2nd time there and won’t be my last. 


Vacation Mode ON

It’s been a day in Lebanon and I feel so chilled and fresh. Despite the humidity and the country as a whole you can always enjoy the small things that this surviving country has. I recommend for those who haven’t visited Beirut yet then you must make sure it’s on your travel plan this year.  

عيدكم مبارك

كل عام و الكل بخير عسى الله يعيدها بالخير على الجميع 


Good Morning…

Cutest thing I saw…. 


The video is just awesome shows you how men fashion style changed in a century 👍🏻

Nicky Hilton the sister of Paris Hilton and daughter of Millionaire Richard Hilton founder of Hilton hotel tied the knot to the Billionaire James Rothschild who’s family are one of the richest in the world. The bride was dressed in a 77K $ Valentino gown and the wedding took place in Kensington Palace. She was trying to imitate the royal weddings except she isn’t a princess😜 


Greek Referendum…

Today will mark History in Greece as the people will vote whether to stay in the EU or Exit it. This is a tough decision as it will affect the country economically for a long period. Let’s wish them the best because they don’t deserve this such a beautiful country and sweet people. Are you with a Yes or No?


Happy 4th of July…

Happy Independence Day to all Americans on their national day wishing them more years to come with WISER politics and decisions #lovewins